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Sugar Free Diet

Recent research into the results of sugar on our bodies advocates that it can be extra detrimental to our fitness than we expect, possibly even greater so than the fats that we strive to avoid. Feeling torpid and worn-out may additionally no longer be a symptom of modern, traumatic lifestyle, however ought to be down to sugar consumption. The Sugar-free Diet will take self-control and cautious planning however will assist you enhance your fitness for good.



Many breakfast cereals have a lot of added sugar. Wholegrain options, such as plain shredded wheat, are good choices. Muesli may seem like a healthy option but some shop-bought varieties are loaded with sugar. If you prefer toast, use wholegrain bread and a savoury  spread such as low-fat cream cheese or avocado.  If you really need a hit of sweetness to get you going in the morning, do it the healthy way, by adding a handful of fresh berries to whatever you are eating

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At lunchtime, it’s easy to grab a sandwich, or whatever else is available, but it is worth taking the time and effort to eat something healthy. 

The lunch ideas in this section can be eaten at other time of the day, too, and would even work as dinner. Mix and match and see which ones work best for you!

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You’ve stuck to your sugar-free diet for breakfast and lunch, and now it is time for a delicious dinner-you deserve it! The recipes in this section will give you loads of ideas for nutritious, sugar free meals. You may find something new that absolutely love!

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