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Dairy Free Diet for Weight Loss

For many years, people have actively reduced their consumption of meat products and have sometimes opted to cut out animal products entirely. This is often a decision based on ethics, but more and more it is becoming a matter of health. Milk and other dairy products have well-documented effects on the human body, and a dairy-free diet is often extolled for its benefits to the skin, nasal and aural passages, as well as digestive and immune systems. 



Planning and preparation are vital, so always try to make a shopping list and prepare your breakfast according to meal planner.  Make sure you have all you need to get started. You don’t want to roll out of bed in the morning and not have the key ingredients for your dairy free meal!

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Don’t despair-experiment instead with tasty new recipes. There are many soups and snacks that don’t go anywhere near a dairy ingredient but will boost your intake of fresh vegetables beyond the five-a-day target. 

Share our Awesome Dairy Free Diet Recipes with your friends.   



Cooking the dinner meal of the day can be surprisingly easy on a dairy -free diet. Numerous ingredients are not dairy related at all. So your only concern is using dairy free fats for frying and roistering. Preparing a meal from scratch, with fresh ingredients that you have assembled your self, eliminates any concern about the contents of pre-packaged and processed food. 

Share our Awesome Dairy Free Diet Recipes with your friends.   

Missing out on milk?

Where once a dairy-free diet might have simply meant missing out on milk-based products, that is no longer the case. The advent of milk substitute and calcium-enriched drinks-and even supplements for people who are lactose-intolerant – means that you can devise a healthy food plan from all the necessary food groups that is both tasty and full of variety.  These products are becoming much more widely stocked, so you no longer have to visit specialist health food stores-or avoid high-street coffee shops. Soya hot chocolate , anyone?  

Eating ethically

Some people may choose to maintain their normal eating habits, but gradually incorporate small changes in their diet. One way of doing this is to eliminate various dairy foods each week, so the task of going “dairy free diet” isn’t so overwhelming.

Others may choose a more drastic change to their diets; vegetarianism and veganism are growing in popularity, due to their health benefits and concern with the environment and animal welfare. The concept of veganism was developed from the desire to cut out all animal products from the diet. Rearing animals for food uses vast amount of resources such as water, fodder crops and pasture land for grazing. Using the land for crops for human consumption instead of animal feed is much more productive and less damaging to the ecosystem. 

However, the dairy free diet can be enjoyed with or without meat products – the choice is yours! 

Read the label

Do you practice dairy free diet? or If you are intent on eliminating dairy entirely, you will need to become lable -savvy. Check the ingredients list on every items before you buy it-you will be surprised how many foods have ‘hidden’ milk products in them.  However, you will also learn early on that the same product, made by different manufactures, may or may not contain dairy items. The recipes of some products change and developed, so what could be a no-no one year might find its way back onto your “yes” list after a time.